Friday, 22 July 2011

Sometimes It's Hard to Stand By Your Plan: Why I Choose to Live in a Smaller Home Than I Can Afford.

We own our small home. During winter, it's warm and cosy but come summer, its seems stuffy and cramped.

For the moment, we choose to stay put although we could afford a significantly bigger and better place.

Are we making the right decision? You decide.

Partly, the reason we choose to stay put is because it's been so long since we bought a house, it's a bit of a fear of the unknown: the hassle, the time spent looking, the packing and moving. For some people, especially those who move relatively frequently, the business of house moving probably seems a much less onerous task to them than us.

Call it inertia, or stuck in a rut or whatever you like.......but the truth is if we felt that strongly about it, we'd do something about it.

The main reason we haven't moved is that I don't see my home as an investment. Our home is where we  live. My main focus, at the moment, is building up a pile of appreciating and cash generating assets.

Eventually, we will buy a bigger house. I have no doubt of that. But when we do, it will be mainly or wholly for cash.

It helps that we don't view having a big house as our divine right.  We're prepared to bide our time. (although I'm a right moaner when it's hot).

That's our plan. Time will tell if it's a good one.