Sunday, 17 July 2011

Apprentice - The 2011 Final.

The Lord's Prayer

Helen sure can crack a joke!
Should I pick her service - it's bespoke?
With a phone and yellow pages
Profits delayed for bloomin' ages.

Should I throw Jim a bone,
He who kissed the blarney stone?
Teaching money to the youth,
huddled in a computer booth.

What about young Susan Ma.
Barely old enough to wear a bra?
Organic products - but who to target?
Oxymoronic niche mass market!

Inventor Tom - gasping air,
Pimping up his comfy chair.
There's something of the darkly comic
Although it's certainly ergonomic.

Who to hire?
Who to fire?
What to do?
Ring Frances from the loo.

Come on Frances
Be a hen
Get me on
Dragons Den!