Monday, 4 July 2011

Kids! You've got to admire their capacity for conniving.

Enter one rather upset mum to my classroom today. She wanted to know why her daughter, who I will call Shannon, had been separated from her friends for next year. According to mum, Shannon had been desperately upset all evening at been torn from her friends.

I thought it was odd because I knew I'd put Shannon and her bestest friend in the same class for next year. In fact my year group colleagues and I had spent quite a while ensuring every child would have at least one chum in their new class.

Shannon, unusually, was looking a bit sheepish and lost for words. A few probing questions later and it transpired that Shannon had, a year or so ago, received a telling off from her new teacher to be. So she'd cooked up the whole friends thing in a last ditched attempt to change teachers.

Exit one mortified mother.