Monday, 4 July 2011

Is it a good idea to define yourself by one occupation alone?

It occured to me today that I define myself as being a teacher. That's nice, but dig a little deeper and its also a bit unhealthy.

Why? Because 'being a teacher' currently defines my income and although I hope it continues to be a major source of my income for years yet, I want to develop other revenue streams. Not necessarily huge ones.....a trickle will do for starters......

A little while ago, I read about the 'slash slash' generation. Apparently it is reasonably common for the youth of today to have two or three different jobs eg waiter/ DJ/ shop worker. I always thought of it as something that young people did until they 'got a proper job'.

Now, I'm not so sure.......maybe we longtime adults need to be taking a long hard look at the younger ones and refining their techniques for ourselves.

After all, we teachers may have 'jobs for life' but, on a practical level, I'm not so sure it will be feasible.