Tuesday, 19 July 2011

I love reading investment books......... but am disappointed today.

My bookshelves heave with stockmarket investment books and related subjects such as psychology. My collection is jokingly referred to as 'investoporn'.

When I first started reading, every chapter I read contained a revelation. Nowadays, I tend to get a handful of nuggets from each book I read. I'm happy with that because each book provides lots of revision, some different angles and a few brand new nuggets.

I'm always looking for something new to read and recently came across a book called Warren Buffett Invests Like A Girl by LouAnn Lofton . Ms Lofton, a member of the Motley Fool Team, is lucky enough to have her book heavily promoted by The Motley Fool.

I think The Motley Fool is an excellent website and is usually a great source of financial and investment information.

However, I do have some reservations about this book.

Miss Lofton's book may be brilliant but I wouldn't know because I haven't bought it and am disinclined to do so due to the very heavy, 'penny share tip sheet' style sell they are promoting it with. It's possibly a US/ UK culture clash thing.

The titles of the chapters in the books all seem quite reasonable for anyone that subscribes to buy and hold investing:

  • Why temperament matter more now than ever
  • The science behind the girl
  • A quick intro to the oracle
  • Trade less, make more
  • Rein in overconfidence
  • Shun risk
  • Focus on the positives of pessimism
  • Research extensively
  • Ignore peer pressure
  • Learn from mistakes
  • Embrace feminine influences
  • Maintain consistent, persistent results
  • Value people and relationships
  • Question the masters
  • Act fairly and ethically
  • 'Foolish' investing principles.

However, the title of the book, which does not appear to be ironic, begs the questions:

Are all men the same? Are all women the same?

Why not Warren Buffet invests like a Christian/ Scout/  Chess Master/ Bird watcher (insert any group of people who generally suscribe to the above values)?

I should tell you I did post on Motley Fool asking similar questions but both my posts got deleted. Perhaps I'm bitter and chucking my rattle out of the pram.

That said, if any of you do read the book and like it, please let me know if it's worth a go.

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