Monday, 1 August 2011

The Rucksack Strikes Back: There's No Accounting for Fashion!

'Never think you've seen the last of anything.'
Eudora Welty, Author

Conventional wisdon has it that very few new ideas are created:- sometimes ideas evolve, sometimes ideas are given a shine up and recycled but precious few are totally new.

Rucksacks, so beloved of European students and Japanese tourists, seem to be making a fashion comeback.

Cool people seem to be wearing rucksacks! More shockingly, the wearers seem to be wearing their rucksacks on BOTH shoulders.

Whoever persuaded the buying public that these duel shouldered darlings are a must have accessory is, in my opinion, a genius. Or maybe the humble rucksack symbolises the 'no frills' reaction to our current economic situation.

Ra-ra skirt or split caps, anyone?

Never say never.